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The correct choice of protective coating specification for any project is an extremely important decision - and one that can lead to contractual difficulties if not well thought through.

The client always expects assured long-term protection of his assets, and the chain of Specifier / Main Contractor / Painting Contractor and Paint Supplier will attempt to meet that requirement as cost-effectively as possible.

The cost of a paint specification, however, is not just the cost of the product - it must take into account how easy and how practical that product is to apply, how easily its thickness can be controlled, how much wastage will be generated, what Safety, Health, or Environmental precautions are required in its use, etc.

In addition, recent developments in the coatings world - some driven by legislation (e.g. VOC regulations), and some coming from genuine technological advance - have brought products onto the market without very long track record, making it increasingly difficult for specifiers and users of paint to be sure that the client's performance requirements will be met.

With all these issues to consider, it is no longer easy to specify with certainty the best and most cost-effective coating systems, which in turn gives ample scope for contractual disagreement to arise.

Our aim is to provide a service to the chain of asset owners, paint specifiers and users -  and also to manufacturers and raw materials suppliers - that:

-    Provides the most cost-effective solution to coating problems.

-    Gives recommendations that are practical and achievable - not just based on laboratory data.

-    Reduces the risk of failure and hence protects against claim and/or loss of assets due to unsatisfactory in-service performance.

-    Where existing coatings are failing, adopts the same philosophy by putting forward practical and effective remedial solutions.

Our service is backed by over 30 years in the paint industry - with broad experience ranging from paint formulation, testing and specification to in-service performance and failure investigation. Coatings knowledge extends from corrosion protection and antifouling systems, to fire protection and specialist systems to cope with specific environmental or service conditions.

The skills and knowledge acquired have been applied across a wide range of markets, including Marine, Production-line Engineering, Structural Steel, Petrochemicals, Bridges and Infrastructure, and even Concrete and Masonry.

We can also offer up-to-date knowledge of current and impending legislation which affects the coatings industry, in particular the requirements of the new solvent emissions regulations, derived from the European Solvent Emissions Directive.

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